Michiel van der Eijk – Managing Director

“The many years of experience and expertise of our people enable us to continuously innovate and realise a sustainable and flexible catering product for our customers."

Annemarie Kolk – Director Operations

"Mechanization and standardization are important to deliver a high quality end product, but ultimately it is the people who do the work. Together we deliver the best product for our passengers."

Nienke van Duijkeren – Director Apron Distribution

"Continuous investment in collaboration on the platform must lead to a punctual timetable for our customers."

Wim Provoost – Director Logistics

"To keep asking the 'Why?' - question is an excellent way to find better solutions - off the beaten track."

Nico Scheeres – Senior Director Finance

"Together you always achieve a better result."

Paula van den Bosch - Director Human Resources

"Being a good employer where it is not only safe but also enjoyable to work. That's what we're going for. Everyone has talents and should have the opportunity to develop them in the right place."

Pieter van Gent – Head of the Process and Technology Office

“Innovation never simply means renewal. It means flexibility, higher productivity and higher quality.”

Social responsibility

To KLM Catering Services, sustainability is more than a green business card. Sustainability is the …