Michiel van der Eijk – Managing Director

“The many years of experience and expertise of our people enable us to continuously innovate and realise a sustainable and flexible catering product for our customers."

Dionne Vorst
Dionne Vorst - Director Human Resources

“Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Annemarie Kolk – Director Operations

"Mechanization and standardization are important to deliver a high quality end product, but ultimately it is the people who do the work. Together we deliver the best product for our passengers."

Len Oudendijk geknipt
Len Oudendijk – Director Apron Distribution 

"By working safe, together and smart, we make a difference for our customers."

Wim Provoost – Director Logistics

"To keep asking the 'Why?' - question is an excellent way to find better solutions - off the beaten track."

Nico Scheeres – Senior Director Finance

"Together you always achieve a better result."

Pieter van Gent – Head of the Process and Technology Office

“Innovation never simply means renewal. It means flexibility, higher productivity and higher quality.”

Social responsibility

To KLM Catering Services, sustainability is more than a green business card. Sustainability is the …