Culinary quality, custom-made too

Menu development

Preparing and consuming at a high altitude requires specialist gastronomical knowledge. We aim to develop meals that would not look out of place in a good restaurant.

Our chefs Nico van Polanen and Cees Duindam are continually developing new concepts that respond to the latest food trends. This results in high-quality surprising menu cycles. To exceed the expectations of business class passengers, we convert the ideas of top chefs, such as Sergio Herman and Jonnie Boer, into excellent culinary experiences.

With more than ten special menus, KLM Catering Services is able to fulfill virtually every dietary wish, from lactose-free or gluten-free to low-sodium foods. Of course, we also offer kosher or halal meals and foods based on special medical requirements.

We prefer to work with chicken and meat from animal-friendly suppliers and with sustainably caught fish. We are able to supply bread products as required by the customer, for example from an organic baker. Ultimately, this choice is the customer’s, of course.

Close to your flight

KLM Catering Services is the only caterer to have its facility directly at the platform at Schiphol …